Lebanese Essentials

with  Lamina Chehayeb

Learn the secrets behind the essential plates of the Lebanese cuisine with Lamia’s best kept recipes. Perfect the savory sauces that makes the authentic "Moghrabieh" such a flavored treat. Get insider advice on how to cook the translucent chicken breast with its assorted nuts as you make a decadent Chicken with cashew-nuts. Then, pick up tricks for perfectly cooked rice as you make perfect Lebanese stews. Add these classical plates to a full list of 14 assorted main dishes that makes the Lebanese cuisine and you’ll get the “Lebanese Essentials".

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Course 1 - LE1  

Learn how to make:

"Kibbeh" with Yogurt - Kibbeh bel Laban.  

"Kibbeh" in Tray - Kibbeh bel Seniyeh.

Dumplings in Yogurt - Shish Barak.

Lamb meat with Yogurt - Laban Emmo.

Zucchini in Yogurt  - Koussa bel Laban.


Course 2 - LE2  

Learn how to make:

"Moghrabie‍‍‍h" with Chicken - Moghrabieh a'la Djej.

"Moghrabieh" with Meat - Moghrabieh a'la Lahmeh.

Chicken with Rice Cashew and Chestnut - Djej w Riz..

Ground Meat Baked in Tray - Kafta bel Saniyeh.


Course 3 - LE3  

Learn how to make:

Stuffed Zucch‍‍‍ini in Red Sauce - Koussa Mehshi

Stuffed Eggplant in Red sauce - Batenjen Mehshi

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls - Warak Malfouf Mehshi  

Meat Stuffed Artichoke - Ardichawkee Mehshi

Zucchini with Meat Stuffed Eggplant - Ablama Koussa w Batenjen


Course 4 - LE4  

Learn how t‍‍‍o make:

Haricot Stew - Fassoulia w Riz.

Green Peas Stew - Bazella w Riz.

Green Beans Stew - Loubieh w Riz.

Okra Stew - Bemieh w Riz.


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