Sweets, oh my Sweet

with  Lamina Chehayeb

Discover the secrets to savory sweets with Lamina, as your guide. Learn how to properly thaw, roll and shape the “Maamoul”. Next, find out how to layer the delicate “Nammoura”. Achieve the perfect “Meghli” for your special occasions, and then learn the best methods for lining the “Essmalieh” using stress-free layering techniques. Finally, make a round, pleated border for a luscious “Quatayef” treat that makes the perfect deserts you’ll crave for.

Four sessions are set so you can master these elemental Lebanese sweets and techniques.  

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Course 1 - SS1  

Learn how to make:

"Kaak be debes" - Molases cookies.

"Sfouf Lebanese" - Cake with Tumeric.

"Laousieh" - Almond Cookies.

"Nammoura" - Semolina Cake


Course 2 - SS2  

Learn how to make:

"Meghli" - Spiced Rice Pudding.

"Riz be Halib" - Lebanese Rice Pudding.

"Mhallabiyeh" - Milk Pudding.

"Ayesh el Saray" - Bread of Royal Castle


Cours‍‍‍e 3 - SS3  

Learn how to make:

"Maamoul bi jawz" - Stuffed Cookies with Nutmeg.

"Maamoul bi Tamer" - Stuffed Cookies with Dates.

"Maamoul bi Festok" - Stuffed Cookies with pistachio.

"Kaak el eid" - Festive Cookies


Cours‍‍‍e 4 - SS4  

Learn how to make:

Upside-Down Pinapple cake.

"Essmalliyeh" - Traditional Arabic Sweet Pastry.

"Qatayef be jawz"  - Stuffed Dumplings with Nutmeg .

"Qatayef be ashta" - Stuffed Dumplings with Cream


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